A Rithm Gaming Production.

Does your wit stand up to the ultimate hacker challenge?

Solve word riddles and spot patterns in order to crack passwords as an ethical hacker.

Your goal is to infiltrate as many IP addresses as possible in order to beat the game. 


ls - display a list of the current folder

cd _______ - change directory to another folder

ex _______ - execute a command

rd ________ - read a file

help - returns a useful hint or tap to help guide you to the next step

controls - displays this list

Use the up and down arrows to scroll

Good luck


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this game is really fun. props to the dev.

Wow props for finding and playing it. Thanks for the feedback.

Great game, but maybe add being able to use backspace xD.

I know that was quite a whoops. I was playing once and hit backspace, went back on my browser, and lost all my progress

Thanks for playing and feedback appreciated.

Np :D