Version 0.1.1

Hello Angelic Assassin fans! We are excited to bring you prototype Version 0.1.1 

This is our first update since the improvement movement jam, and this patch is intended to improve the overall experience without expanding or altering gameplay significantly.

-Audio! We've updated the intro audio dialogue with a filter to help set the context. Additionally we've shortened the mission brief as it was a little too verbose before. Also we've added a footstep audio system with different sounds for dirt and the bridges.

-Damage feedback. AI's are now a little harder to take out. Either two shots to the body or one shot to the head. You can tell how much damage your shot is dealing with the number-based damage feedback system.

-Gameplay. It has been made quite clear that one shot from either the enemies or the boss should not result in an instant death. Now the player has a health stat (pictured in the upper left). This gives the player 3 or 4 hits before reaching a game over state.

If you are following us from the Improvement Movement or Score Space jam, then please feel free to check out the current version for your operating system, and leave some feedback. Like where the game is headed? Have any suggestions for future development patches? We'd love to hear from you!

-Rithm Gaming

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Jul 30, 2019

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