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Here  is a song i've composed really quick, you can use it in any way, or don't use it if you don't like the song, it's up to you :D


Yo that rap is sick. I will absolutely throw this in the next patch. Please shoot me an email at I would love to stay connected. 

Sweet :) my gf have played the game with this music in the background and she liked it. I'm sure other sound effects will improve the game quality a lot as well.

Hey, it has definitely got better since the jam i really like how it starts to get the real "Robyn Hud" feel to it, some character that guy is :) I wonder if i can compose some music for it, even a prototype that you can use or discard later, it's free of course :)

Appreciate you giving it a replay. Since this last patch was mainly visuals, maybe next patch will be audio upgrades and maybe some gameplay improvement. Will reply to above post as well when I get a chance to check the drive but absolutely you can help with audio. Thanks-